Posted by Admin | October 22nd, 2013

Rome is not only the center of the ancient world in Europe, it is also a hugely popular international tourist destination for avid travelers like Louie Manalastas. Once upon a time, Rome was a legitimate ancient superpower. It was a nation unto itself that conquered much of the known civilized world at the time. The edges of its empire touched the eastern part of Asia, the northern tip of Africa and the lower British Isles. In fact, the ancient Hadrian’s Wall in Britain marked the end of Rome’s borders in that area and separated it from the hostile and war-like Scots. It can still be seen today.

Even after the fall of Rome around 1,500 years ago, it still maintained some power as a center for Christianity known as the Holy Roman Empire. People like Louie Manalastas who are interested in history are fascinated by Rome. Today, Rome is a city in the nation of Italy. Many of the hallmarks of its ancient splendor can still be seen, and this is a huge part of Rome’s appeal. Louie Manalastas was one of millions of visitors to Rome last year and like most everyone else who went there, he thoroughly enjoyed his trip.